Content, the passage of TIME on a small starting forum

Submitted by SysOp in WakeThunder

A kind of grab-bag of early thoughts...

Off topic: You know, I think titles having extremely-limited HTML support would be good. Italics, strike-through, and bold. Nothing that would alter size, but allow just a little bit of style.

Off topic: I think a tagging system like Google GMail and Github has has would also be useful. Only by the authors and mods?

Ok, the topic:

I think a second Forums category system of time would be of use. As the issue of a reddit-like system is you almost want a better integration of a Wiki like system. The popular website reddit.com is highly driven by time. People will repost the same topics weeks later to restart a conversation, but this kind of defeats the purpose of voting good content up. But the size of the user community and quantity of comments is also a factor.

When starting an empty forum with no readers, it's very well that topics could sit for months before users come and discover the forum via search engine, word of mouth, or political change at popular website reddit.com motivates them to seek out alternate sets of site admins/ownership.

From a reading/contribution philosophy, people are not concerned about a Wiki having been created 3 months or 3 years ago. They come along, read the content, and decide to contribute to the ideas and conversation (tag page).

In some respect, I see this attitude is more important when starting a forum community with no readers. The low cost and easy setup of Postmill forum software encourages people to start more micro-forums... but the expectations of users off of popular website reddit is that there will be a lot of activity and responses right away.

This also creates some thoughts for me about networking with other independently operated micro-forums. In particular, a very simple and shared notification system. So that users know they have a reply to a comment or topic. So that they are not left with the need to check a dozen different independent sites that may be rather low in their activity level.

A simple and secure implementation of this could be a single HTML page with IFRAME content that loads a list of sites, say a dozen, with a summary status of the logged-in user.

HTML page with 2 iframes:
[ Raddle.me: comment reply 4 days ago, post reply 9 days ago ]
[ WakeThunder.com: comment reply 8 days ago, post reply 17 days ago ]


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