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SysOp wrote

"For all you people out there that theorized over the last 2 years on reddit, youtube or fan forum who snoke was, or his background

For all you people who wondered how the great jedi master Luke, who fearlessly confronted Vader and The Emperor and help take down the empire in the OT, wondering how he was going to help fight against the first order (remeber, they made a big deal about finding him in was all about the map). But only to find out he was hermit and coward, got taken down by a girl in a mini duel, a girl who only held a light saber twice, and then only for him to die a senseless death

For all you people who spent the last 2 years theorized on who Rey's parents were, only to find out she was abonded by drunks.

For all you people who remember watching The Empire Strikes Back in a movies theater when you were an 8 years old kid, all you out there that grew up with Star Wars as part of their childhood.

How about Knights of Ren? Well you get the point, and i can go on and on

To all you people I just want you guys to know that Disney and Rian Johnson took their middle fingers, shoved them straight up your ass and took your $20. Im done with this franchise!" -