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SysOp wrote

"I really hope Disney will now get the same treatment we gave to EA, because of their hidden goals in these movies. It would be good for our culture and civilization: short, medium and long term.

With TFA they fooled some people with many hopes and hypes. But I saw TLJ failure coming from very afar, because when you grow up it becomes so obvious big Hollywood studios with only money in their minds must do this kind of things to franchises. You see, George Lucas did like money, but he proved now and again that for him there was and is more to his working in art than merely money. He is a man with certain values and goals in life, most of them pretty healthy and deep, which in one way or another he fused into his works.

And so these two movies now really proved even to the most sap of viewers that SW was indeed George Lucas. It was bound to his sensitivity in life and history, his subjective understanding of the world (paired with that of good collaborators, for sure), and of course also the numerous mistakes sometimes coming out of his naive film making skills. Yes, not everything this man did was perfect, but that is true for 99% of the myths and stories written by any ambitious story teller in history. You may always nit pick and build a fair critic of somebody's body of works, from Homer to Tolstoy, from Tolkien to Miyazaki, from Dante to Asimov, passing through Gaiman or any other person. Some of these authors were better, some were worse in their specific art. What stays is that Lucas' lore was decently eternal and allowed youths of all walks of life and in any world culture to dream and impersonate themselves into these stories, these heroes, that looked so far from their earthy lives, while delivering higher moral and spiritual values to them in a very cool format.

Lucas wanted a story that had to be a myth for the modern (initially Anglo-Saxon) world, and he delivered it, with all aspects of typical humane anthropological archetypes and many forms of human spirituality funded into his opera. Not all perfect, not always completely successfully, but forever inspirationally.

Disney only entered into this "Galaxy" for money and the social engineering they are deemed to apply on society by their prominent cultural role in it. Their collaborator Kathleen Kennedy, for however capable of a business professional she may be, is clearly in this only for personal ego building and to deal with personal unresolved complexes. They both end up perpetrating their moral weaknesses onto the viewership. A strong difference compared to Lucas, who was perhaps worse at film making, maybe a weaker man sometimes, but wanted to deliver a message and uplift the common viewer to something higher through a very popular mean/media.

What happened to Star Wars is very sad, but it is the world we are living in nowadays. Indeed, what happened to Star Wars is actually a perfect metaphor of the civilizational struggle and battle our generation in history is living through. On one side a purely individualist ego- and money-driven civilizational trope, ready to use any mean, or any twist of human psychology to rule and manipulate, on the other side traditional worlds nearer to spirituality that albeit very imperfect still live for and through higher values and visions embedded into a more eternal understanding of life on earth, as well as a collective sense of life and humanity manifested through responsibility in one's actions and therefore one's art. And doesn't this resemble a little bit what Lucas tried to defend us from with his Dark Side-Light Side message for the modern person?

I'm never going to spend again not only money, but also no more seconds of my life on any new SW product, like I don't do on any other product of this war onto myself and the psychological well-being of me and people dear to me.

I'm pretty sure SW will go from being a relatively legendary product, into eventually being one more useless series that will fade away in a few years. Some things you can't buy with money. Disney knows it, the management is made up of cunning people, they are in SW for the next few years or exactly the time needed to strip the brand clean from any deepness and meaning, then let the world forget about it and pass to the next one. But the old Lucas trilogies will stay with future civilizations as decent examples of human story telling that were fit for the historic age they were released in, contrary to anything Disney will ever release.

We can help Disney and the industry stop this treatment of ourselves only by stripping them of our money AND attention. Attention in particular. I will do for sure, I hope many many more will realize this is an important interest of us all. And who knows, despite I don't really believe in it, maybe there is still some small hope for SW (we saw with the EU that there are other artists that simply get what SW was meant to be and can creatively enrich it). But not for now." -