TV series Absentia, the return of a lost wife while in a second marriage

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NOTE: This show is currently part of Amazon Prime package in USA.

Regarding: Season 1 Episode 5 @ 10:25 into the episode.

This gets into the meaning of love. And love isn't sex alone. And love isn't just what one person feels.

Joseph Campbell in 1986 regarding such a marriage of true ego confrontation: "Well, the real word, I think, is 'ordeal', in its proper sense. That is the submission of the individual to something superior to itself. The real life of a marriage or of a true love affair is in the relationship, which is where you are, too. You understand what I mean?"


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SysOp wrote (edited )

FYI: episode 9 "Child's Play" @ 05:30 into the episode... the book page she is reading on the train:

Page 51 of Eyewitness Companions: Mythology by Neil Philip, Philip Wilkinson. Google Books

Quote I matched: "god of the sea and, along with Zeus and the Underworld god Hades, was one of the three greatest deities of Ancient Greece. He had huge power, and his ability to summon up earthquakes and storms at sea made mortals tremble at his strength. If thwarted or defeated, he would unleash a terrible flood—which is precisely what happened when he got involved in a dispute over which deity should have power over Athens."